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An ever increasing aspect of our casework involves the identification of the method used to print or produce a document. Many different types of printed documents are encountered by the forensic document examiner including business letters, business cheques, credit cards, travel documents, social security cards, to name a few. An initial examination of the document may reveal the fraudulent nature of the document or may provide useful information to an investigator as part of the investigation.

Our team specialises in these types of examinations having extensive knowledge of printers for the home and office, commercial printers and printing processes and the fonts used to print both commercial and home/office documents. The illustration is a macro-print of an ink-jet printed document. Notice the “satellites” (extraneous droplets of ink) on the left side of the staff. The “satellites” can indicate the direction of travel of the print head which can be important in linking or eliminating a particular ink-jet printer to the subject document.

Typefaces & Printing fonts, Forensically Examined