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Fake Swisse Bank Certificate, Forensically Examined

Click to see the error

Determining whether security documents, such as passports, drivers’ licences, share certificates and other types of bank and security documents are genuine can be important in establishing the bona fides of the matter. In a recent case, a number of certificates for Platinum, each supposedly valued at $US968,700,000.00 were submitted for examination to determine whether they were bona fide.

The examination revealed the certificates were bogus and of inferior quality. Have a look at the certificate. It does not have the appearance of being a high-value security document valued at almost a billion dollars!! This is in part due to the poor print quality which can be seen in ink bleeds around the three solid blue “UBS, SBG” printed seals. Another issue that highlighted their bogus nature were numerous spelling and grammatical errors. One example is the grammatical error in the salutation for the President of Bulgaria. See the close-up image of the certificate of this error.