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Bradman Memorabilia -

Chris Anderson & Co Pty Ltd has been endorsed by the Bradman Foundation http://www.bradman.com.au/authentication/ to authenticate Bradman signatures. Our company has been undertaking this service for the Foundation since 2004 and has developed a unique database of known Bradman signatures from digital images signed over Sir Donald’s lifetime with earliest signature dating from 1926 up to just before his death in 2001. This database of signatures is used to compare to the signature on the memorabilia item. The majority of these known database signatures were provided by the Bradman Foundation.

The database also maintains images of all Bradman signatures examined by us. In many instances there is a detailed note about the provenance of the memorabilia item. In this way prospective purchasers can keep track of a particular item.

While we have detected “forgeries” or non bona fide signatures, the vast majority examined were found to be genuine signatures of Sir Donald.

We do not undertake a full forensic examination of the signature as this would be too costly for the collector or dealer. We do undertake a thorough examination of the signature supplemented by our knowledge and experience of Bradman signature and only provide a report when we are satisfied that the signature, in all likelihood, is a bona fide signature.

The illustration is a genuine Bradman signature signed with his distinctive flourish.

If you have any questions about this service please contact us either by email or by phoning our office.

Don Bradman Signature, Forensically Examined